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Why Get Started Wrestling?

Getting your kids involved in wrestling can help them: 

  • Learn to deal with adversity and challenges

  • Build self-confidence

  • Get in shape and burn extra energy

  • Prepare physically for additional sports

Journeymen Wrestling

The MiniMen Wrestling Club is modeled after the Journeymen High School Club. It is the premier youth wrestling program in Upstate NY. The program is dedicated to grades 1st through 8th, and attracts boys and girls from all over the greater capital region and beyond. Practices are run with the structure and intensity of a Varsity High School practice but at an age-appropriate pace. MiniMen strives to enhance club members & athletic abilities by teaching advanced youth wrestling/grappling techniques and promoting overall wellness. Additional focus is placed on developmental skills like Teamwork, Perseverance, Emotional Control, and Grit!

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